Eurovision Saga

Eurosivion Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga, starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams will make you laugh! This comedy does its job well. It’s cute, funny, ridiculous at times (hey, it’s Will Ferrell), but it’s all good fun. In the end, I was holding back tears from the sweetness of the film; I loved it from beginning to end.

Who doesn’t love a dreamer? And this film is all about dreams, about a sliver of hope, about pushing forward even though the world is against you and your silly dream. Ferrell and McAdams play Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdottir, respectively. These childhood friends dream of singing their way out of their small Icelandic town of Husavik, and into international stardom, where no one laughs at you; much.

Lars and Sigrit’s friendship is put to the test as they step out of small town safety, and into mainstage drama, and the pressure of competition. Prop failure, wardrobe failure, and an “extremely handsome”, but disapproving father, played by Pierce Brosnan, are among the challenges faced by the duo.

Cameos include Demi Lovato and past Eurovision winners. These talented performers come together for a playful house-party singalong that is absolutely inspiring. Take a break from the nasty news and the snarling Face Book debates for a couple of hours that will have you laughing and leave you hopeful.

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