The media amps us up, we rush for supplies like the world is going to end; overbuying food, and candles, and batteries. We go home and batten the hatches while sweating over the money we dumped into our own salvation while listening to rain-soaked voices of doom in raincoats at the beach telling us how bad it all is.

Dorian is a little different. We did all of the above, got settled in, pulled out the snacks and waited for the pounding rain and ripping wind. Nothing happened…for days. In fact as these letters are falling onto the page, we are still waiting for any significant amount of rain and wind. Dorian is crawling; sometimes at one mile per hour and sometimes coming to a complete stall. This is not good. The small islands of the Bahamas, over which Dorian is lording, are getting creamed. The northern Bahama islands have been pounded with winds sometimes over 175 miles per hour for over 24 hours. The islands are flooding and need Dorian to move along.

There have been heart wrenching videos such as the family in a house knee deep with water; their possessions floating. Another video shows the hurricane force winds and rushing water as a woman begs for prayers. We have also seen a video with a desperate mother of a four month old baby in an apartment that has had the roof torn off. She tells of people who attempted to cross rushing waters to reach a house. Some people made it, others were swept away.

For Florida, it won’t be a direct hit. We won’t get the perfect circle eye that drilled the Bahama islands. We don’t know exactly what we will get. Dorian continues to make us wait. We have eaten our snacks and complacency has taken hold. For us, this hurricane has been a piece of cake, so far. Dorian will perhaps arrive tomorrow 90 miles or so offshore. With luck the massive beast will hurry up and move along.

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